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The tale of the other me.



It's all you'll let me be...

Poetry, music and dreams inspire great minds so partake often; they are the fuel of life. Hold fast to the truth that love knows no boundaries, so love whom you will and let no one stand in your way. Play in history. It is the gateway to understanding who we were and where we are going; the Ancients are wise and giving.

Dance like no one's watching and drink wine!

~Blessed Be
Welcome to my lj! My friends call me Jun (aka 無秩序 - Chaos) but I'm really just a shy white girl from Canada who dreams in Japanese and Korean.
Once you get to know me I'm outspoken and chatty, don't let my shy facade fool you I love to make new friends and listen to what everyone has to say.
I am also a true Nuna through and through. I have a tone of different interests that appear as a jumbled mix of oddball things.
I love to learn, Ancient history and biology are my passions. I love books and things covered in dust hidden in dark corners. Music fuels my soul and along with my friends it is my safety net. I also love to write. I no longer post fic on this journal I do; however, have a writing journal that I keep up to date. Please check it out, and friend here if you're interested in my writing. coloured_words I also have a shared comm musicaloddnotes

I hope that you will take the time to consider being my friend. ^^
Please note that I will not add you back if you have a dead or empty journal. Thanks.


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